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    18 Of The Weirdest Products People Found On Amazon, Wish, And eBay

    Always check the item descriptions carefully.

    1. These finger lights for, uh, *adjusts glasses* night blogging??

    WorkingorNot / Via

    2. Soap dispensers. Just normal, everyday soap dispensers.

    ArtaudAnt / Via

    3. This scratching post that is usually $3,053, but is currently marked down 99 percent! Lucky you!

    Baricelas / Via

    4. Some Wakandan T'Challa breath.

    Arcading-with-Gabrie / Via

    5. Finger hands to go on your finger hands. It's finger hands all the way down.

    Ebendi / Via

    6. A shirt that will definitely make you look like you have a six pack and definitely NOT make you look like you're trying to smuggle several packets of ramen noodles under your shirt.

    Soycrates / Via

    7. Giant plush cigarettes, which are great for baby showers apparently.

    CherryMonstah / Via

    8. Fun toys!

    sixflags82 / Via

    9. A bait-and-switch mug.

    pillcitydoughboy / Via

    10. Incredibly uncomfortable-looking shoes. But hey, looking like Patrick comes at a price.

    luckyred33 / Via

    11. A Pennywise costume. So lifelike!

    kailafornia / Via

    12. The foot massager seems normal. The photo...not so much.

    polfrequenter / Via

    13. They're clearly maple leafs!

    yourfish18 / Via

    14. The biggest damn umbrella you've ever seen. Massive. Absolute unit.

    lucy_1812 / Via

    15. I've seen some AI-generated apparel in my day, but this...

    g0ldwaite / Via

    16. Tiddies for ya dog.

    VeryTrulyUpYours / Via

    17. A hamster harness, but put it on a chipmunk.

    tinyclitgang / Via

    18. And finally, a Danny Dorito shirt that...I actually really need to buy. Right now.

    sebbutterbox2 / Via

    H/T to r/WTFwish and r/WTFamazon

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