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    18 Of The Weirdest Products People Found On Amazon, Wish, And eBay

    Always check the item descriptions carefully.

    1. These finger lights for, uh, *adjusts glasses* night blogging??

    2. Soap dispensers. Just normal, everyday soap dispensers.

    3. This scratching post that is usually $3,053, but is currently marked down 99 percent! Lucky you!

    4. Some Wakandan T'Challa breath.

    5. Finger hands to go on your finger hands. It's finger hands all the way down.

    6. A shirt that will definitely make you look like you have a six pack and definitely NOT make you look like you're trying to smuggle several packets of ramen noodles under your shirt.

    7. Giant plush cigarettes, which are great for baby showers apparently.

    8. Fun toys!

    9. A bait-and-switch mug.

    10. Incredibly uncomfortable-looking shoes. But hey, looking like Patrick comes at a price.

    11. A Pennywise costume. So lifelike!

    12. The foot massager seems normal. The photo...not so much.

    13. They're clearly maple leafs!

    14. The biggest damn umbrella you've ever seen. Massive. Absolute unit.

    15. I've seen some AI-generated apparel in my day, but this...

    16. Tiddies for ya dog.

    17. A hamster harness, but put it on a chipmunk.

    18. And finally, a Danny Dorito shirt that...I actually really need to buy. Right now.

    H/T to r/WTFwish and r/WTFamazon