18 Times Tumblr Users Joined Together To Be Hilarious

    Some people are clever AF, man.

    1. When smart was definitely not sexy.

    2. When they rose above the lies.

    3. When everybody was a New Yorker for a minute.

    4. When the Great Breakfast Wars broke out.

    5. When the fandoms took over a sexy post.

    6. When everyone made this mountain more Tumblr-friendly.

    7. When everyone remembered.

    8. When everyone translated for us.

    9. When this beauty of a post happened.

    10. When everyone had an idea for how to mess with telemarketers.

    11. When everyone went looking for the illuminati symbol.

    12. When they thought up vampire swears.

    13. When everyone realized that they would fall for a siren's call so quickly.

    14. When everyone committed to the song.

    15. When an art class happened in real time.

    16. When everybody had a story about children and weird phrases.

    17. When they wrote a musical.

    18. And finally, when we got the year's forecast.