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Updated on Aug 2, 2019. Posted on Jun 24, 2017

18 Tumblr Responses That Are Just Funny AF

This website is a treasure.

1. The people who shamed this cake.

2. The person who forgot how the phrase went:

3. The people who quickly workshopped some food ideas.

4. The people who had bad suggestions, tbh.

5. The people who kink-shamed citrus.

6. The person who told this story with no further explanation.

7. The people who all had a story about a drunk girl.

8. The people who confirmed it.

9. The person who said those six words.

10. The person whose username was likely a bad 2 a.m. idea.

11. The person who got all etymological.

12. The people who found just the right formatting.

13. The person who brought up an important concern.

14. Pretty much everyone involved with this train wreck of a post.

15. The person who found the banana egg.

16. The people who avoided petitioners.

17. The person who nailed it with a pun.

18. And finally, when the ACTUAL JOHN GREEN commented on this edit.

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