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    18 Photos That Are Just Hilarious Inside Jokes For "Parks & Rec" Fans

    Libraries = enemy.

    1. If you're a Parks & Rec fan, you'll know that this is the most romantic text anyone could send.

    2. You'll feel like something is a little ~off~ about this sign.

    3. You'll know this reality check is true.

    4. And you'll understand that Ben isn't perfect.

    5. And you'll know that this these two departments shouldn't be in the same guide.

    6. You'll read this in Ron's voice.

    7. You'll have to look twice to make sure this isn't a typo.


    8. You'll want to deliver this calzone to Ben right now because he would be SO EXCITED.

    9. You'll know that there's only one man for the job.

    10. You'll recognize that no one will ever live up to Joe Biden.

    11. You'll start wishing that the show will come back just so that this could be an episode.

    12. You'll wish this was the actual logo.

    13. You'll know that all of Finland's "boring stuff" should be traded away for lions.

    14. You'll want to stop in here for the greatest night of music ever.

    15. And you'll know that Pawnee had some great concerts.

    16. You'll understand why this Keurig needed a Mona Lisa cut-out.

    17. You'll get this Twitter exchange immediately.

    18. And finally, you'll know exactly why Batman is on this cross-stitch.

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