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    18 Moments That Ended Up Being Funny Completely By Accident

    These didn't ~mean~ to be funny, but they are anyway.

    1. Mmmm, finger.

    WorrierrPrincess / Via

    2. The plan is here somewhere, I swear I just saw it...

    3. Michael has a question for you.

    Abrahamsin / Via

    4. TBH that sounds about right.

    tymp-anistam / Via

    5. Well, SOMEone won the genetic lottery.

    ponylobbies / Via

    6. Apparently it won't be an issue anytime soon.

    Name94a_e526f / Via

    7. Asked and answered.

    eagleheart585 / Via

    8. Pick a Gary:

    siouxie_siouxv2 / Via

    9. Things get tough for Clifford in middle-age.

    Lateinthegame42116 / Via

    10. What a weird thing to shout.

    joshi122 / Via

    11. The mug is in distress.

    wildreaper03 / Via

    12. We can always count on Serena to defend us.

    Muhammagaming / Via

    13. Yes they are.

    carrotstick762 / Via

    14. Praise be to the almighty...Shrek?

    HardyHar420 / Via

    15. I don't care what the original punchline was, this is funnier.

    snodfart / Via

    16. Well, tell him to stop it!

    Balloon_Twister / Via

    17. Careful!

    18. Crisis averted.

    hurtsp / Via

    H/T to r/AccidentalComedy

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