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    Posted on Jun 8, 2016

    18 People Who Got Hilariously Shut Down

    Never trust a stranger on the internet.

    1. This gullible fellow.

    2. This quick thinker.

    3. Everyone who reblogged this post.

    4. This master of comebacks.

    5. Tim.

    6. This Chatrouletter.

    7. This person, who caught the joke too late.

    8. This Wendy's fan.

    9. Drake.

    10. This person, who had it coming tbh.

    11. The guy who got burned by the president.

    12. Anyone who asked their friends to go out dogging.

    13. The YouTube commenter who played himself.

    14. This sexter.

    15. The girl who is totally not a Bieber fan at all, not one bit, nope.

    16. The person who got caught lyin'.

    17. This person, who got the Smackdown.

    18. And finally, the person who thought a pigeon was dumb.

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