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18 Confessions That Prove You're Not Alone In Your "The Bachelor" Obsession

"It's sad that I get more joy and excitement in watching The Bachelor than visiting my family."

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1. This person, who learned important lessons.

2. This person, who has their priorities in order.

3. This person with questionable taste but a healthy ego.

4. This guy, who finds hope in unlikely places.

5. This person, who converted a non-believer.

6. This person, who watches the correct way.

7. This person, who is also watching the correct way.

8. This person, who makes an excellent point.

9. This person, who is about to enter a world of wonder.

10. This person, who might need help.

11. This person, who is getting free marriage advice from the show.

12. This person, who is now getting a very different kind of education.

13. This person, who is learning a lot from the show.

14. This person, whose story we really need to hear now.

15. This person, who should feel no shame.

16. This person, who might have forgotten about the divorce rate of Bachelor couples.

17. This person, who found the root of society's ills.

18. And this person, who totally gets it.

For more confessions, head to Whisper.

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