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18 People Who Fucked Up, But At Least They Have A Funny Story About It

You may have made mistakes in your life, but at least you never sucked on your dentist's finger.

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1. The person who mixed words.

2. The person who was just trying to be helpful.

3. The person who memed the wrong number.

4. The person who used a pseudonym.

5. The restaurant owner who thought he met Tom Cruise.

6. The person who didn't know Jim.

7. The person who insulted themself.

8. The person who forgot that a cross looks like a T.

9. The mom who ordered pepperoni bread.

10. The person who decided "Funky Town" was filthy.

11. The person who failed to see the irony.

12. The person who broke the streak.

13. The lady who got a little too worked up.

14. The professor who forgot to check the syllabus.

15. The person who wasn't ready for a crush.

16. The person who forgot to mention that they were just Sims.

17. The person who didn't check the sizes.

18. And finally, the paper that created a legend.

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