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18 Insults That Are As Creative As They Are Devastating

"My closest friend once told me I dressed like an accounting major going through her second divorce."

1. This elegant insult using a single microscope emoji:

2. This tweet that wiped Wyoming off the map:

People from Wyoming are in my mentions insulting me for dissing their state yesterday and I’m just imagining them furiously riding a horse to a McDonald’s in Utah just so they could get wifi and tweet at me

3. This casual atom bomb from a passing teenager:

4. This insult from a shocking post about men failing to wash their hands:

5. This string of words that would make a vampire cry, if they existed:

6. This violently cartoony response:

7. This metaphorical one-hit KO:

8. This odd but apt description:

9. This simple but destructive line:

10. This poetic response to dick pics:

11. This insult that can only come from a sibling:

12. This total roast of a lizard:

13. This post-breakup own:

one time in middle school i dated a girl for 4 days and when she broke up with me she posted on facebook “sometimes your knight in shining armor is really just a loser in tinfoil” and to this day that the sickest burn i’ve ever gotten

14. This explanation on an interesting art history post:

15. This incredible commitment to the insult:

16. This comment that goes way beyond "Hey, 2003 called...":

17. This REAL insult that only a best friend could deliver:

18. And finally, this response to anyone who tries to bring you down:

H/T r/rareinsults.