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    18 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Are Inside Jokes For Pokémon Fans

    "If Snorlax can suddenly become useful after 20 years of lying around, maybe there's hope for me yet."

    1. This little rhyme.

    2. This inspirational post.

    3. This effective blockade.

    4. This fandom cross-over.

    5. This extra subtitle.

    6. This overzealous Gengar fan.

    7. This visual pun.

    8. This cat-chicken.

    9. Gina's lack of awareness.

    10. Magmar's inappropriate magic tricks.

    11. This pokémom.

    12. This challenge.

    13. This team of Cokes.

    14. This logic-defying Diglett.

    15. This very sad thought.

    16. And this actually really great thought.

    17. This truth about Lt. Surge.

    18. And finally, the start of every Pokémon game.

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