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    Updated on Sep 14, 2019. Posted on Sep 14, 2019

    18 Books From Your Childhood That You Totally Forgot You Read

    Did every school have copies of Hatchet? I think so.

    1. The Bunnicula series, which made you suspicious of every rabbit you met:

    Morrow/Avon / Via

    2. These Golden Sound Story books that would play sounds from your favorite Disney movies:

    Golden Books

    3. Hatchet with this specific cover, which I'm pretty sure was in every school in the US:

    Simon & Schuster / Via

    4. The Monster at the End of This Book, which had a twist ending that totally blew your mind:

    Golden Books / Via

    5. The I Spy books, which were thankfully heavy on the pictures and light on words:

    Scholastic / Via

    6. The Frog and Toad books (which, by the way, are totally relatable when you're older):

    HarperCollins / Via

    7. Magic Eye books, which required special skills to see:

    N.E. Enterprises / Via

    8. The Little Critter books, which taught you about important things like going to bed:

    Random House / Via

    9. How to Eat Fried Worms which, by the way, became a movie:

    Dell Yearling / Via

    10. Danny and the Dinosaur, which seemed to have been on your bookshelf since before you were even born:

    Harper & Brothers / Via

    11. The Incredible Cross-Sections books from Stephen Biesty, which you could stare at for hours:

    Penguin Random House / Via

    12. And the Eyewitness Books, which taught you all about cool stuff like knights and dinosaurs:

    DK Children / Via

    13. This collection of "fairy tales" that were much better than real fairy tales:

    Viking Books / Via

    14. The Rainbow Fish, which was just so ~colorful~:

    NorthSouth / Via

    15. The entire Boxcar Children series, which made you wonder why you weren't always solving mysteries and going on adventures:

    Scholastic / Via

    16. This book version of a classic — and kinda gross — nursery rhyme:

    LB Kids / Via

    17. The Snowy Day, which was perfect for reading in bed when school was cancelled in the winter:

    Scholastic / Via

    18. And finally, the one book that basically everybody read as a kid:

    Philomel Books / Via

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