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    17 Extremely Weird Thrift Store And Garage Sale Items That People Actually Found

    Poop journal, slightly used: price unknown.

    Garage sales are magical places. Sometimes you find a great deal. Sometimes you find an old Sega Dreamcast stuffed with doll hair.

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    That's why the redditors over at WTFGaragesale are sharing the weirdest, creepiest, most WTF stuff they've ever found at a garage sale/thrift store/Facebook Marketplace/whatever. Here are some of the best items:

    1. Crocheted frog with boobs, $1:

    uni-piggy / Via

    2. Poop journal, price unknown:

    kuxiaboude / Via

    3. Wood block with 5,000 coats of paint on it, $3:

    zydeco / Via

    4. Privacy door hanger for newlyweds that inexplicably has CHILDREN on it, 99 cents:

    backyarddogs / Via

    5. Vintage letter concerning a urine test, framed, $5:

    Matt_Larson / Via

    6. Painting of Jesus playing soccer, price unknown:

    7. Painting of Satan taking a dump, price unknown:

    tempura_medic / Via

    8. Tinfoil hat for paranoid cats, 59 cents:

    ahzbear / Via

    9. Terrifying baby statues, various prices:

    btondola94 / Via

    10. Pile of carp, $1:

    sammyjoeturd / Via

    11. Seashells with googly eyes playing cards, $5:

    erahwahh / Via

    12. Resin-cast Will Ferrell photo, 25 cents:

    kevonicus / Via

    13. Fire Elsa, price unknown:

    gomegazeke / Via

    14. Chair made entirely of tennis balls, $200:

    milksprink / Via

    15. Emphatic chips-and-dip plate, $2:

    chelchica / Via

    16. Psychology book with inexplicable cover art, price unknown:

    FraternityMan / Via

    17. Painting of giant birds with laser beam eyes, $50:

    rosebudd100 / Via

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