17 Tumblr Posts That Are So Dumb But So Funny

    I don't know why I'm laughing.

    1. This theme song:

    2. This thought:

    3. This mental image:

    4. This discussion of fat free yort:

    5. This exchange:

    6. This response to a cute photo:

    7. This oblivious potato blog:

    8. This little TV fact:

    9. This totally real story:

    10. These lyrics:

    11. And these ones:

    12. This mighty D E S C E N D I N G P U F F:

    13. This impending fight:

    14. This helpful school hack:

    15. This vegan latte art:

    16. This enthusiastic buyer:

    17. And finally, this Floridian Swamp Cat: