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    17 Times You Realized You Were Liz Lemon And Wished You Weren't

    We've all worked on our Night Cheese at one point or another.

    1. When you realized you also get way too passionate about House Hunters.

    2. When you fully agreed with this moral decision.

    3. When you tried to make your job sound fancier to other people.

    4. When she did this and you thought, "What a great idea!"

    5. When you had the same workout regimen.

    6. When you got this hangry.

    7. When this was pretty much you trying to make small talk.

    8. When this was easily how you could describe yourself on a good day.

    9. When you had the same sense of adventure.

    10. When she had no chill about pizza.

    11. When you both had the same thing going for you.

    12. When her idea of "cool" was a little too similar to yours.

    13. When this sounded a little too familiar to you.

    14. When Liz was up on current events about as much as you are.

    15. And lost her virginity around the same time.

    16. When you had the same medical questions.

    17. And of course, when she reminded you of your late-night snacking habits.