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    17 Things That Are 100% American Culture

    Driving for 8 hours and still being in the same state.

    1. Driving for hours just to go to, like, a concert or something:

    2. Having snacks with ridiculous names:

    3. Enjoying all four seasons:

    4. Seeing billboards like these and knowing you're in the middle of nowhere:

    5. Seeing the same type of commercials over and over:

    6. Getting ripped off by colleges:

    7. Frequently shaking your head at the state of our public schools:

    8. Fully recognizing that this is an accurate representation of "American food":

    While doing YMATA in London, I found a grocery story with an "American Food" section. #TBT #tang #oreos #poptarts

    9. Never knowing how much you're actually going to pay for something:

    10. Never seeing most of our country because it's frickin' huge:

    11. Knowing that Californians will always be smug about weather:

    12. Loving dogs more than people:

    13. Unknowingly being targeted by sales pitches in elementary school:

    14. Showing up to the airport wayyyyyy too early:

    Biggest American lie is that you need to be at the airport 2 hours early

    15. Never quite understanding Celsius:

    16. Feeling the slight shift in reality when you go to a Cracker Barrel:

    17. And finally, saying this all the time:

    American culture is constantly saying, "Oh, no, I'm not in line."

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