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    17 Shops That Are Prettyyyyyyy, Pretty Funny

    If your business doesn't have a pun somewhere, is it even a business?

    1. Watch that last step:

    jjblahblah / Via

    2. Chappelle's Show probably approves:

    sam_galactic / Via

    3. Best not to buy your jewelry there in said state:

    sbut87201 / Via

    4. "Day 15, no one has noticed..."

    Sig SeikoSpyderco / Via

    5. If you have to make a fake banner for an in-store example, you might as well have fun with the names:

    OneShinyMudkip / Via

    6. I guess we know who shot the photo, but not the deputy:

    Y0y0r0ck3r / Via

    7. No literally, they sell door knobs and knockers:

    ReverseHoud1ni / Via

    8. In vino, vaccinate:

    coreyisthename / Via

    9. In case you're wondering, the answer is yes, this did replace an Orange Julius:

    boogieboogie / Via

    10. The skull is a nice added touch:

    spulley25 / Via

    11. Ah yes, he was great in The Curious Case of Benjamin Biscuit:

    12. It forces you into Captain Hook's accent:

    13. Now selling bouquets of Lieutenant Dandelions:

    14. 🎶 So much for my happy end table:

    15. Lots of stuff to chews from:

    Pepe_leprawn / Via

    16. If my calculations are correct, once this bath hits 88 degrees...

    17. And finally, sometimes, when your dojo is next to a coffee shop you just make the best of it:

    Rontorious / Via

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