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    Honestly, Try Not To Be Freaked Out By How Relatable These Posts Are

    "Do I have my wallet?" *Slaps ass loudly* "Yep."

    1. Ever done the ass-slap wallet check?

    2. Ever done the simultaneous text standoff?

    3. Ever had a moment of ruler panic?

    4. Ever tried to sing like, five different parts?

    5. Ever shower-argued?

    6. Ever tried to split-second snoop on your teacher?

    7. Ever had a "whoops, well now I'm committed" argument?

    8. Ever made this exact face when you had a cold?

    9. Ever heard the sploosh sploosh?

    10. Ever procrastinated so hard you defeated Voldemort by accident?

    11. Ever done the little pre-conversation rehearsal?

    12. Ever done the basement stair scramble?

    13. Ever had a "never again" hangover?

    14. Ever accidentally packed for a long expedition?

    15. Ever accidentally text-yelled?

    16. Ever had trouble making up your mind about the shower?

    17. And finally, ever been ready for bed at 6 a.m.?