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    17 Posts That Are As Funny As They Are Depressing

    At first you'll be like "ha ha," but then you'll be like "wah wahh."

    1. This musical musing:

    Twenty years from now, kids listening to "Baby it's cold outside" are gonna find it really, really weird. We're gonna have to explain that it has to be understood in the context of its time. You see, it used to get cold outside.

    2. This kinda messed-up plot point in Stuart Little:

    Imagine being one of the kids at the same orphanage as Stuart Little and watching as a family picked a mouse over you.

    3. This Batman joke:

    4. This twist ending:

    Me: *slapping my older brother in the face with his own hand* haha stop hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself Sister-in-law: *crying* is this why you wanted an open casket

    5. This admission of procrastination:

    hell yeah i love writing w r i t i n g oogling shit and avoiding my work

    6. The accuracy of this tweet:

    [buying a dog] hi yes i want to be absolutely devastated in like 11 years or so

    7. This sci-fi exchange:

    8. This tweet that'll make any student laugh, then cry:

    I graduated from law school 6 years ago with $250,000 of student loan debt. But after years of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars of payments, I can officially say that I now owe $315,000. Hooray!

    9. And this one:

    10. This international burn:

    It's great that we don't have real elections in Russia, so no American troll farm can possibly influence their outcome. Checkmate, Yanks.

    11. This helpful life tip:

    Tired of being single? Just lower your standards a bit. My new girlfriend is a coconut taped to a mop.

    12. This actual miracle:

    Nobody talks about Jesus' miracle of having 12 close friends in his 30s

    13. This simple explanation:

    Sorry, I was too busy paying $485 for a campus parking pass.

    14. This catchy tune:

    15. This challenge:

    16. This "gotcha" moment:

    17. And finally, this sequence that you can't help but laugh at:

    i’m the saddest girl in the whole world

    H/T to r/funnyandsad.