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    May 6, 2017

    17 Photos That Prove Kids Are Just Tiny Jerks

    So hilarious, yet so mean.

    1. The kid who killed the fun and loved it:

    2. The kid who was maybe a little too honest:

    3. The kid who spoke for the ocean:

    4. The kid who was using the couch wrong:

    5. The kid who definitely, definitely didn't cheat off the answer key:

    6. The kid who knows that bathroom time does not stop Jedi battles:

    7. The kid who had a favorite idiom:

    8. The kid who thought Jackson Pollock was a hack:

    9. The kid who was either being very literal or kind of a smartass:

    10. The kid who got an F:

    11. The kid who didn't want to share:

    12. The kid who had a very important homework assignment:

    13. The kid who found a loophole:

    14. The kid who had a secret:

    15. The kid who was maybe not much of a fan of their classmates:

    16. The kid who wanted to "do it herself":

    17. And finally, the kid who proved that we're still jerks when we grow up:

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