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17 Photos That Just Happened To Turn Out Perfectly

Sometimes fate conspires to make us LOL.

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1. When the bandage aisle took a dark turn.

2. When there just happened to be five girls at Five Guys.

3. When 50 Cent's album was properly priced.

4. When someone found a hidden image in their currency.

5. When this truck was in its natural habitat.

6. When this cat got abs.

7. When the sun was in juuuuust the right spot.

8. When Tim Cook needed to move.

9. When the Imax lost an X.

10. When two soccer players told a little story with only their names.

11. When this restaurant wanted everyone to know just how Italian it was.

12. When these two Tumblr posts came (ha) at just the right time.

13. When someone found something to crack open with the boys.

14. When this bus passenger looked a little surprised.

15. When someone finally found that locker that pirates are always talking about.

16. When Seinfeld was excited.

17. And finally, when this roller coaster took the first hill a little too fast.

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