17 "Princess Bride" Gifts You Need In Your Life

    They're inconceivably good gifts.

    1. This pun-tastic cutting board.

    2. This mug, perfect for the coffee lover in your life.

    3. This adorable Iocane Powder charm.

    4. These lovely bookends

    5. This super-cute pillow.

    6. Custom Princess Bride chocolates.

    7. This iPhone case with excellent life advice.

    8. This ideal shirt for Fezzik fans.

    9. And these actual peanuts.

    10. This wallet phone case.

    11. This excellent variation on the ampersand T-shirt.

    12. These inconceivable mugs.

    13. Or this one.

    14. This T-shirt that only fans will understand.

    15. These adorable pillowcases.

    16. This cute makeup bag.

    17. And finally, this Monopoly set that might cause actual duels.