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    May 7, 2017

    Hey, At Least You're Not Any Of These People

    Lord, please save these people from themselves.

    1. This guy.

    2. The person who shared a little too much.

    3. The person who just drank straight-up coffee creamer.

    4. Whoever wrote this.

    5. This dog, who just wanted a stick.

    6. Everybody who googled any of these things.

    7. The person who made a medical discovery.

    8. The person who heard a leaf scream.

    9. Whoever laid out this ad.

    10. The blender fucker.

    11. This girl's prom date.

    12. The person who is about to do something messy.

    13. This Tinder pro.

    14. The person who forgot how texts work.

    15. The person who really, really liked Club Penguin.

    16. Whoever made this list.

    17. And finally, the person with no impulse control.

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