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Updated on Jul 7, 2020. Posted on Oct 25, 2017

17 Innocent Responses That'll Make You Say, "Oh, Honey"

They REALLY didn't get it.

1. Those are for puppies, right?

2. They just really love naps.

3. Where did all these charges come from?

4. You'd think they'd be hot, with all the fur.

5. They mean, like, Jet Skis and stuff, right?

6. Maybe tape?

7. Clearly a rough night.

8. Canada's pretty far.

9. IDK, bacon's pretty sexy.

10. My dad only takes me to Rite Aid.

11. Aww, Buck.

12. At least they're supportive!

13. Salted, probably.

14. Just doin' chef stuff.

15. That's a long class!

16. Wow, cannibalism is not OK, you guys.

17. That's it. Everybody go back to school.

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