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17 Dogs Who Deserve To Be Pet All They Want, Dammit

They deserve scratchies, perhaps behind the ears.

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1. This very fashionable dog.

2. This fuzzy mode of transportation.

3. This lil' helpful dog.

4. And this one.

5. These babies.

6. This very careful dog.

7. This dog, who very effectively prevented an inevitable argument over the "free parking" rules.

8. This very excellent dog who made sure to use her own leash.

9. This dog, who is well-aware.

10. This very talented dog.

11. This dog who is having a great time no matter what.

12. This very clean dog.

13. This very gentle pug.

14. This dog who really may have made the sign.

15. These two snoozers.

16. This patient dog.

17. And finally, both of these very, very good dogs.

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