17 Amazing Shows That Are 100% Original And Not A Reboot, Remake, Or Spinoff

    Because sometimes you wanna watch something that didn't already have 100 episodes 10 years ago.

    1. Succession

    the cast promo with the family sitting at the dinner table

    2. Stranger Things

    the cast staring straight ahead

    3. American Vandal

    two of the characters wearing headphones at a desk

    4. The Good Place

    5. Pen15

    the main characters screaming and shocked in the school hallway

    6. On My Block

    four characters walking down the street with their backpacks

    7. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    Mrs. Maisel doing stand up on stage

    8. Russian Doll

    Natasha Lyonne fixing her hair in the mirror

    9. Dead To Me

    two of the characters standing outside by their car

    10. Suits

    11. Superstore

    four of the characters at their retail job looking bored and not working

    12. Pose

    someone performing on stage

    13. Glee

    the characters in jeans and matching color shirts performing on stage

    14. Atypical

    two of the characters looking at a tablet while sitting on the couch

    15. Elite

    the characters holding someone back from a fight

    16. Derry Girls

    five of the characters looking around in fright and confusion

    17. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    the characters performing on a bed on stage