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15 Things That Are 100% Midwest Culture


1. Being prohibitively polite:

midwest culture is needing to pee the entire flight but having a window seat and not wanting to disturb the people in your row so you just suffer

2. Saying "ope" at every minor inconvenience:

*Accidentally bumps into someone* My brain: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Me: "ope"

3. Treating tornado warnings like they're just background noise:

Midwest culture is hearing the tornado sirens going off, checking the news station, and still not going into a basement or shelter area until you hear a tornado knocking on your door asking for some sugar.

4. Walking around in shorts whenever it's above freezing:

Midwest culture is saying “it feels so nice out” when the temperature is in the mid 30’s

5. Using "watch for deer" as an official goodbye:

My mom just stood on the porch and yelled “watch for deer” to our leaving guests, and if that isn’t the most midwestern thing, I don’t know what is.

6. Sensing snow before it even gets there:

someone: omg do you smell the air?? californians: ?? new yorkers: ... midwesterners: yep i can feel it in my joints, there’s a blizzard coming in two days y’all better get ready

7. Having to leave town just to see a movie or go to a chain restaurant:

Small town midwest culture is driving 2 hours just to go to Olive Garden and the mall

8. Making sure you go to the right grocery store:

midwest culture is going to the fancy kroger

9. Going to Target just to have something to do:

10. Making a "dip" that's essentially just cheese:

Midwest culture is mixing cream cheese + 1 other thing and calling it cheesecake or dip depending on the sugar content of the other thing

11. Refusing to interrupt anyone for anything:

Midwest culture is staying after the allotted class time while the professor talks because everyone is too polite to get up and leave

12. Having only two pizza options (usually Hungry Howie's is one of them):

the other very good thing was hungry howies cajun pizza crust. ahhh yes. classic midwestern cooking.

13. Actually knowing how to spell weird city names like "Ypsilanti":

midwest culture is being able to spell 'cincinnati'

14. Having these plates:

Midwesterners: please retweet if you have this exact same plate in your home

15. And finally, just...ranch:

Midwest culture is just ranch dressing that’s it

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