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    Sep 30, 2018

    13 Websites That Are Actually Really Helpful

    Every once in a while, the internet actually does something useful.

    1. CamelCamelCamel, a site that tracks Amazon prices to see if they drop., Ozgurcoskun / Getty Images

    You can track a product you're interested in, check the price history of an item, or just browse items that are currently listed for way below average price.

    2. DeepL, a translator that actually works.

    You know how Google Translate has trouble sometimes because it basically just translates word-for-word? DeepL will (most often) do a better job handling text that includes idioms and other language-specific idiosyncrasies. The downside is that it currently only supports seven languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Polish.

    3. An online quiz you and your partner can take (separately!) to find out which sexual interests and kinks you're both into and want to try., Kieferpix / Getty Images

    All you and your partner have to do is answer questions about what kind of stuff you're into ~sexually~, and the site will show you only the ones you both said "yes" to (it'll hide anything that you didn't match on, kinda like Tinder). A word of warning: The questions can be a little intense on this questionnaire, and the gender options are very limited, but if you can work around that it's great for couples who might be shy about bringing up their fantasies out loud.

    4. A tool you can check when you're trying to find out if a particular website is down for everyone, or just you.

    Pretty straightforward. Type in the URL of the site in question, and it'll tell you if the site itself is down, or if it's just not loading for you. That way you can troubleshoot and decide if it's a problem with your internet.

    5., which suggests books to read based on the books you already like.

    Type in a book you love and you'll get a long list of similar books. You can also search by tags and categories: For example, the pic above shows books about "interplanetary voyages."

    6. Airconsole, a collection of party games you can play with friends using just your phones and a screen (and the internet, of course).

    If you've ever played Jackbox party games, you probably get how this works. Load up the site on your computer/TV/whatever, and people use their smartphones as controllers to join in.

    7. A handy way to securely send files up to 1GB, which later delete automatically.

    If you're sending anything sensitive, this service from Firefox is generally a much safer method than email. It gives the recipient an encrypted link, and you can choose to have the file automatically delete after a set amount of time. It's kinda like Snapchat for sending files.

    8. Agoodmovietowatch, which — you guessed it — recommends good movies to watch.

    The suggestions you get will all be non-blockbusters, meaning that this is a great way to learn about some well-reviewed indie movies that you might have missed.

    9. A sleep calculator to tell you when you should go to sleep in order to wake up in between sleep cycles.

    There's a theory that if you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle, you're much groggier than if you wake up after a sleep cycle ends. So this calculator will give you options of when to go to sleep (or when to wake up) so you wake up more alert.

    10. FatFingers, a tool that searches eBay for items with typos in the title, which might sell for less.,

    When bidding on high-demand items on eBay, you need every advantage you can get...and finding a misspelled version of your item might give you that edge. For example, if you type in "Kate Spade," you'll get a bunch of results for "Kste Spade" or "Kate Sade," which might not show up in a normal eBay search.

    11. A site that sends a fax online, because who has a fax machine?

    It's an unfortunate fact of adult life that sometimes you need to fax something to someone. You probably don't have a fax machine. This site will help. There's a free version with some restrictions, and a paid version if you have to do a LOT of faxing.

    12. AuntBertha, which informs you about public or private services (i.e. food or housing assistance, scholarships, etc.) in your specific area.

    If you're in a low income bracket, currently unemployed, disabled, or facing other hardships, this site can help match you with programs in your area to help you out. Type in your zip code and it'll show you everything from local scholarship opportunities to addiction treatment programs.

    13. And finally if you need a little fun: A program that lets you build with virtual LEGO bricks.

    If you love playing with LEGOs but don't have room to store all the plastic bricks (or the money to buy the expensive sets, tbh), you can build digital versions of whatever you can imagine with this program. You can even save your creations with building instructions and required parts so you can build them IRL later.

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