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11 Photos Of Hot Cougars In Your Area Who Want To Meet Up

They're waiting for you!

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1. This cougar, who's just looking for a younger man (because they have more meat on them).

2. This cougar, who just wants to eat you up (literally).

3. This cougar, who wants to know if you're single (because you'll be easier to isolate and catch).

Gatito33 / Getty Images

4. This cougar, who's been eyeing you from across the room (waiting for a chance to strike).


5. This cougar, who loves long walks in the woods (where you can't shout for help).

Moosehenderson / Getty Images

6. This cougar, who wants to introduce you to her family (in bite-size pieces).

7. This cougar, who wants to make you (into) breakfast.

Jhaviv / Getty Images

8. This cougar, who wants to walk your dog with you (and then eat the dog).


9. This cougar, who wants to have you over for dinner (you're the dinner).

Dssimages / Getty Images

10. This cougar, who knows that when people use the term "cougar" to describe a human woman it enforces a sexist double standard (and will maul you accordingly if you use it).

Lynn_bystrom / Getty Images

11. And finally this Cougar, who wants you inside her.