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    The Dad In “Shang-Chi” Is Super Hot And Twitter Is Thirsting Over Him

    This is now a Tony Leung stan account.

    By now you've probably heard that Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is out in theaters and making a splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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    There's a lot to love about this movie: the star-studded cast, Simu Liu's quick wit, the epic bus-fight scene.

    A person doing a perfect split in midair on a bus
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    But more than anything, my biggest takeaway from Shang-Chi is that Wenwu (Tony Leung) is a straight-up DILF.

    Wenwu striking a martial arts pose
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    Look at this man!!! (Also, spoilers ahead.)

    tony leung as wenwu appreciation tweet because just look at him!!

    @myvillaneve / Marvel / Via Twitter: @myvillaneve

    He's capital H hot.

    Wenwu looking serious
    Marvel / Via Twitter: @treethymes

    Like, if the human race was dying and we could save only a few people, I'd sacrifice myself so that Tony Leung could reproduce.

    Tony smiling and resting his hand on his shirt
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    In Shang-Chi, he is ~technically~ the villain, but he looks so goddamn F-O-I-N-E while being bad that I barely noticed when he took his kids for granted and endangered the human race.

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    First we see him as a thousand-year-old power-hungry, broody king. (Hot.)

    Wenwu looking serious sitting on a throne
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    Then he pops up in the 21st century with this fresh cut. (Still hot.)

    Wenwu standing with his son as a young boy
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    I hate that I still find him attractive in this scene.

    Wenwu watches Shang-Chi being hit with sticks during training
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    Basically, Tony Leung as Wenwu can have whatever he wants from me.

    Tony Leung put on one of the best villain performances we've seen in the MCU. What a legend.

    @LordBalvin / Via Twitter: @LordBalvin

    And just a reminder: Tony has been hot since the '80s, when he starred in a bunch of movies.

    Did you guys know it’s Tony Leung Chiu-wai Day today⁉️ #ShangChi

    @fs0ciety01 / Marvel / Via Twitter: @fs0ciety01

    But now he's aged like fine wine, and we love to see it.

    tony leung as xu wenwu is so fine and for what???

    @myvillaneve / Via Twitter: @myvillaneve

    Simu Liu knows it's true.

    Nice to meet you my name is Stacy and this is my mom

    @SimuLiu / Photo: Issac Lam for GQ / Via Twitter: @SimuLiu

    And so does everyone else with eyes.

    wenwu is hot and im tired of pretending he isn't #wenwu

    @L0KIWILSON / Via Twitter: @L0KIWILSON
    @starkslokius / Marvel / Via Twitter: @starkslokius

    Tony Leung has been consistently hot for four decades. Lifetime achievement award material

    @thethirdhan / Via Twitter: @thethirdhan

    tony leung officially part of the DCU. Dilf Cinematic Universe. it's about time.

    @splattyzee / Marvel / Via Twitter: @splattyzee

    Wenwu did everything wrong but he was also very hot

    @cwspider / Via Twitter: @cwspider

    So can we all agree Tony Leung is the best mcu dilf 😗

    @mainushiba / Marvel / Via Twitter: @mainushiba

    milf michelle yeoh and dilf tony leung >>>> everyone

    @lokiunofficial / Via Twitter: @lokiunofficial

    Honestly, the genes this whole family has are phenomenal.


    If you also felt major thirst for Tony, let me know in the comments below!

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