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    The Rent-Free TikTok Girl Who Is Now Living Rent-Free In All Our Minds

    We all know the one.

    By now, most of us are probably familiar with the saying, "it lives rent-free."

    But if not, I'll explain: the phrase is part of a social media trend where people claim that something "lives rent-free" in their mind, meaning that without asking for it to be there, a certain video or image, etc. just exists in their mind, taking up space.

    It's a phrase that has become quite the rage over the past few months (and honestly, should probably retire soon because y'all have all beat it to a pulp.)

    But now, thanks to @jessssthemess the phrase has taken over TikTok.

    Jess first uploaded a video asking others, "What's a video that lives in your head rent-free?" For Jess, it's apparently this video of a baby Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez almost kissing.

    Her initial video blew up and has now either been stitched or responded to in some other iteration more than 350.9 million times.

    "Stitched" is a TikTok term meaning other users can repost someone else's video followed by their reply. It's similar to the duet feature.

    Since then, people have been eagerly sharing what lives in their heads rent-free.

    Like these munchkins jumping for Lil Nas X: 

    Or this Bieber video:

    The irony of it all is that this girl, Jess Marciante, now lives rent-free in all of our minds.

    Jess knows it too. She made another video on Dec. 31 reacting to her sudden popularity saying, "Genuinely, I did not expect this video to go viral at all."


    #stitch with @jandjfamily1 😂 im living rent free in everyone’s head #Bye2020 #WordsOfWisdom #rentfree #viral #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Jess Marciante
    Ah Jess, but that is the ways of the TikTok gods.

    But Jess isn't the only one who has blown up after asking a general question and having others respond to it. Itn has become all the rage in the past few weeks:

    This girl, who I refer to as "Appa-bucket-hat-girl," had us all reliving the funniest celebrity interview moments.

    There are thousands of these but this one is golden.

    "I pointed AT my poo."

    @missbeifong said quarantine "just had me bored" and so she was "binging" celebrity interviews and only wanted more to watch.


    #stitch with @jandjfamily1 ok now im done talking about this but someone requested i stitch this lmao #fyp #foryou #celebrity

    ♬ original sound - squid/syd
    Maybe going viral made her less bored. 

    Then there's @teenteashow who asked, "What's that whitest of white song that gets you turnt up?"

    Which resulted in some solid content:


    @teenteashow this the one right here🔥!

    ♬ original sound - Teen Tea

    You don't have to understand these moves to appreciate these moves.


    Sumn bout this one so g right here makes me want to part-take in some serious caucasian activities😤#fyp#foryou

    ♬ original sound - Teen Tea

    And like most people, she too eventually grew tired of hearing her own voice:

    Needless to say, the originals of all three of these videos each now command their own beach-front condo in my mind, complete with a hot-tub.

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