I Have Major Secondhand Embarrassment For That Viral Video Of Oprah Messing Up The Lyrics At Adele's Concert

    A+ for effort.

    Adele held a private concert for a very select few celebs last month at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

    The hand-picked audience included Lizzo, Tyler Perry, Gabrielle Union, Leonardo DiCaprio, and lots of other A-listers.

    Adele onstage while wearing a form-fitting gown and her hair in an updo

    But the special guest everyone can't stop talking about was Oprah Winfrey.

    Because the concert special, One Night Only, aired last night on CBS, clips of Oprah singing have been circulating the internet.

    Mostly because I, for one, didn't realize Oprah was such an Adele stan...

    oprah cheering adele on by making ambulance siren noises exactly

    @SPAMOSAS / Via Twitter: @SPAMOSAS

    "SING, bitch!" –Oprah, probably.

    Oprah standing and singing during the concert

    (Adele herself was also surprised.)

    Oprah and Adele standing next to each other during an interview with a thought bubble next to the singer that says "Damn, she is a fan..."

    But also because people keep pointing out Oprah clearly doesn't know the words...

    .@adele had us at hello! @lizzo what concert are we going to next?! 🤣🤣🤣 #AdeleOneNightOnly

    @Oprah / Via Twitter: @Oprah

    She's so off, but so into it.

    It's highly comical. Especially since she's standing next to Lizzo, who is over here nailing every tiny vibrato.

    Oprah probably just needs to give the songs a few more listens and then she'll be good to go.

    Kris Jenner pointing and saying, "You're doing amazing sweetie"

    And don't forget Adele fans (and Oprah) — Adele's newest album, 30, comes out this Friday, Nov. 19!!