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    Miranda Cosgrove's First Pic From The Set Of The "iCarly" Reboot Is Sending 13-Year-Old Me Into A Frenzy

    "Wake up the members of my nation."

    Yep, you heard right. iCarly, that hit Nickelodeon show from the early 2000s, is getting a reboot.

    And thanks to Miranda Cosgrove's Instagram, we now know that they have OFFICIALLY STARTED FILMING.

    I don't know about you, but 13-year-old me is doing backflips right now.

    Nickelodeon has created quite a few swell shows in its time, but iCarly was revolutionary in that it broke the mold for kids sitcoms.

    The dialogue between Carly, Sam, and Freddie felt like a realistic depiction of how people their age actually spoke, and the ridiculous situations they found themselves in sometimes felt like the preteen version of SNL.

    Also, as an aside, I personally cannot get over how much the entire cast looks the same, but especially Freddie (Nathan Kress). Here he is in 2007.

    And here he is now.

    I mean, I know they aren't old...Miranda is 27 and Nathan is 28. But it still feels like, idk, most of us look a lot different in 10-plus years.

    Like, Nathan is a full-on dad.

    Anyway, without a doubt, the revival is sure to be a wild ride no matter what the new premise will be.

    All I ask is that they bring Gibby back as well!