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15 Latinx Artists You Should Be Listening To (If You Aren't Already)

You can't keep pretending J Balvin is the only Latin artist.

Latinx music has always had an influence on the English-speaking market, but it really took off in the late '90s with the Latin Pop Explosion, and that impact has only gotten bigger since. Like in 2005 when we swayed to the sensual tune of "Hips Don’t Lie" by Shakira, or when we nearly busted a gut in 2011 trying to keep up with J.Lo’s "On the Floor."

Epic Records /, Island Records /

It’s possible "Mi Gente" might be one of the most easily recognizable songs from just the first note.


And let us never forget the summer of 2017 when "Despacito" ruled our very souls and to this day remains the MOST WATCHED YouTube video of all time.


More than 7 billion people have seen the original edition of this video, I-

In the past few years, Latinx artists — as well as songs sung in Spanish — have grown in popularity among mainstream music and it’s high time people are made aware of all the incredible talent out there.

That being said I’d like to take a quick sidebar to point out that as a non-Latinx person I am in no way pretending to be an expert on this subject. However, I do appreciate good music and am getting sick of the radio playing Dua Lipa on repeat.

So without further ado, here are 15 Latinx artists you should seriously consider adding to your Spotify playlist.

1. Maluma

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His latest album, “Papi Juancho,” was released earlier this summer and can confirm it comes with some bangers. Also, he’s hot.

2. Nicky Jam

John Parra / Getty Images

Nicky Jam is truly the master collaborator. Take any of the hits from the other singers on this list and Nicky Jam is probably a featured artist. Particular favorites include “X” con J Balvin and “Te Robaré” con Ozuna.

3. Becky G

CLAUDIO REYES/AFP via Getty Images

Remember that lovely little song about singing in the “Shower”? Well, Becky G has come a long way since the 2014 single that put her name on the map. Singing primarily in Spanish now, her music combines elements of pop, reggaeton, rap and R&B.

4. Luísa Sonza

Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

This blonde, Brazilian goddess’s songs like “TOMA” and “Flores” make it impossible not to baile.

5. Bad Bunny

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Ok yes, this is probably the most obvious person on this list. But there’s no denying his mesmorizing voice and beats that match the EXACT rhythm of any dance move. Also, the man’s an activist too so supporting him feels like a double win??

6. Karol G

Victor Chavez / Getty Images

Not to be confused with other known artist on this list, Becky G, but Karol G has established herself in reggaeton and Latin trap — a space traditionally reserved for men. And lemme tell you, she crushes it.

7. Manuel Turizo (MTZ)

Medios Y Media / Getty Images

For someone who only just released his debut album last year, this reggaeton singer is on the fast track to success. Honestly, I would do just about anything Manuel Turizo tells me to as long as he says it while playing his part in “La Nota.”

8. Ozuna

Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

Another artist that is steadily making his way into mainstream music, this Puerto Rican singer is featured on almost every hit song on the Latin American charts. Pick any popular Latin banger and you’ll likely be treated to a verse of Ozuna adding his twangy-style rap to the track.

9. Natti Natasha

Timothy Hiatt / Getty Images

This tiny Dominican woman first broke into the industry with her 2012 debut album, “All About Me” before making the jump to singing solely in Spanish. Her style can best be described as bachata, but tbh she has no limitations.

10. Camilo

John Lamparski / Getty Images

This Colombian native has a very long mustache, a guitar and a voice that might have some hitting “repeat.” He released the album, “Por Primera Vez” in April of this year.

11. Daddy Yankee

Jason Koerner / Getty Images

While everyone in the Spanish speaking world knows the lyrics to “Gasolina,” this 2004 anthem isn’t the only jam padre Yankee has released.

12. Pabllo Vittar

Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

As a Brazilian pop icon and one of the most easily recognizable drag queens in the world, Pabllo Vittar is inspiring countless others in her road to success. And boy can she belt.

13. Cali Y El Dandee

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images

This dynamic Colombian duo (also hermanos) busted onto the scene with hits like the 2012 “Yo Te Esperaré” and released their latest album, “Colegio,” in May. They are labeled as a pop duo, but occasionally rap as well.

14. Lunay

Manny Carabel / Getty Images

If you can listen to “Aventura” without immediately wanting to have an ~adventure~ then I can’t help you.

15. Paloma Mami

Steve Granitz / WireImage

This 20-year-old New York native was one of Billboard’s 2019 “Artist on the Rise.” If you like reggaeton infused with a bit of soul and songs about feminine empowerment, this is the artist for you.

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