I Watched Every Single Julia Roberts Rom-Com — So Here They Are, Ranked

    Her hair should have its own genre.

    Julia Roberts is probably one of my favorite actors of the last century.

    Closeup of Julia Roberts

    She's one of those actors that you can't help but fall in love with, because of her innate ability to wear her heart on her sleeve.

    Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"

    Recently, I watched every single Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy and ranked them. It was so fun that I thought, why not do it again with another queen of rom-com? So, here are 13 Julia Roberts romantic comedies ranked.

    13. Larry Crowne

    Julia Roberts talking to Larry Crowne in the end scene

    12. Duplicity

    Julia Roberts and Clive Owen playing spies on the wrong side of the tracks

    11. The Mexican

    Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt discussing what they will do next in Mexico

    10. Valentine's Day

    Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper on an airplane

    9. America's Sweethearts

    Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones playing sisters fighting for the same man

    8. Eat Pray Love

    Liz telling her love that she decided on her word before they hop on a boat

    7. Something to Talk About

    Julia Roberts having a meltdown as her character

    6. I Love Trouble

    Two journalists who are in love solving a mystery

    5. Mystic Pizza

    Three best friends cheering their wine glasses together at a wedding

    4. Runaway Bride

    Julia Roberts as the runaway bride in a cowboy hat

    3. Notting Hill

    Julia Roberts playing a famous actress in the end scene of "Notting Hill"

    2. My Best Friend's Wedding

    Julia Roberts sitting in a black dress at a fancy table

    1. Pretty Woman

    Julia laughing to herself as Richard Gere closes the case to the necklace on her hand to tease her