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    Gigi Hadid Just Made This Model's Entire Life By Posting Her On Her Instagram Story

    "She doesn't even know that she's changed my entire life."

    All anyone wants when they wear a fire outfit is for someone to compliment them.

    Gigi Hadid yelling, "YES"

    And for this NYC model, that "someone" just happened to be Gigi Hadid.

    It all started yesterday on a sunny Thursday morning, when 23-year-old Nanga Awasum was walking to her modeling job at Nike. Little did she know that Gigi was in paparazzi mode and snapped a pic of her to post in her Instagram story.

    It’s the way @GiGiHadid would have changed my entire life if I was only facing the right way.

    @selfiedump / Via Twitter: @seIfiedump

    "Shoutout to my NYC inspiration of the day: this queen," Gigi wrote. "Was too [drool emoji] to get a pic of the front, but she was major."

    This is the iconic outfit in question.

    Model in gold crop top and high-waisted jeans

    BuzzFeed reached out to 23-year-old Nanga Awasum to see what it feels like to be complimented by one of the most famous models in the entire world.

    Gigi posted the photo on Instagram in the morning, and Nanga said she didn't notice it throughout her entire day at work. "I guess I was on Gigi's story all day and no one knew because it was the back of my head."

    Nanga walking from behind

    Ironically, it wasn't until Nanga was frantically searching Zara for a replacement outfit to wear to dinner with her boyfriend's family that she was approached by three young girls. "These little girls tap my shoulder and then they run away," Nanga said. "And then they walk up again and say, 'Excuse me, but you were posted on Gigi Hadid's story.'"

    This is literally how I found out! two girls walked up to me at the Zara when I was about to change my outfit😭

    @selfiedump / Via Twitter: @seIfiedump

    "They showed me their phone and then I swiped down and saw her [Gigi's] verification symbol, and I was like, 'Holy, fucking, shit.'"

    But the story doesn't end there. Nanga (now stumbling around the city overcome with joy) messaged Gigi on Instagram to thank her, and GIGI RESPONDED.

    GiGi said, "Nangaaaa! You brought sunshine to my morning! Big love"

    And THEN they had this little Twitter exchange, too, which is just so freaking cute my heart can't handle it.

    You were facing the right way exactly where you were headed. Sunshine! Sending biiiiig love Nanga !

    @GiGiHadid / Via Twitter: @GiGiHadid

    "Sunshine" 🥺.

    I am not too cool for this. I am losing it.

    @seIfiedump / Via Twitter: @seIfiedump

    Nanga said that almost immediately companies started reaching out to her, asking her to be a brand ambassador. "I've been told I'm ugly, I've been told I'm not pretty enough, I've been told I'm too dark-skinned," Nanga said. "Being a Black model in the industry and for her to notice me. ... She doesn't even know that she's changed my entire life."

    Nanga is still overwhelmed with her newfound fame, but said if anything else were to come out of it, she hopes to have the chance to star on HBO's Gossip Girl reboot, because she knows they cast "tall girls."

    Hey @Anthologist I think I’m the darkskinned NYC model @gossipgirl was missing!

    @selfiedump / Via Twitter: @seIfiedump

    At this point, anything is possible!

    Gigi Hadid waving with tiny hands