20 "Broad City" Moments That Explain Why Abbi And Ilana Are Our Favorite Stoners

    "You just pulled a bag of pot out of your vagina."

    Broad City will go down in history for its realistic portrayal of female friendship, the hilarious dialogue, and of course Ilana's iconic fits.

    But above all else, Broad City does weed and weed culture right.

    So in honor of New York's recent weed legalization, here are the 20 best moments from the show involving weed.

    1. That time Abbi and Ilana smoked before going to a dog wedding, and Abbi fell into a giant hole in the park.

    Abbi falling in a hole and making a diaper out of a backpack

    2. When Abbi and Ilana proved the bathroom can be a chill smoking spot.

    Ilana and Abbi smoking on their toilets with a split screen effect

    3. When Ilana and Abbi volunteered at a health clinic and blew smoke in the faces of protesters.

    Abbi and Ilana breathing weed smoke into groups of protesters outside of Planned Parenthood

    4. When Ilana gave Abbi too many pain pills after her wisdom teeth surgery and she ran around the city with her stuffed animal and painted eyebrows.

    Abbi delusionally running around town with a stuffed animal

    5. When Lincoln romantically offered Ilana a “ginger blunt man” in her time of need.

    Lincoln giving Ilana a blunt shaped like a ginger bread man

    6. That time Abbi and Ilana desperately cleaned a man's apartment in their underwear to score an eighth for the Lil Wayne concert.

    7. When Abbi figured out where Ilana has been storing her weed supply.

    Ilana keeping weed in her vagina

    8. When Ilana figured out the ultimate life hack for stoners who love to travel.

    Ilana covering weed in her vagina with period stained pants

    9. When Abbi got invited to Kelly Rippa's house and Kelly gave us a taste of her wild side.

    Kelly Rippa rolling a joint

    10. When Abbi taught her conservative mother to smoke for the first time.

    Abbi lighting a joint for her mother and telling her to "take a gasp like Dad asked you to get back together"

    11. When Ilana took a page out of Carrie Bradshaw's endless internal monologue to wax poetic about her Jewish heritage.

    Ilana smoking a joint and writing about being Jewish

    12. When Ilana was super resourceful and created the most sustainable joint in history.

    Abbi and Ilana discussing a giant blunt on FaceTime

    13. When Ilana rented out her room for some extra cash and left a spread of weed for her guests.

    Ilana setting out a spread of weed for the couple staying in her room

    14. When Abbi bought weed for the first time and suddenly experienced an existential crisis about her age and place in life.

    Abbi buying weed from a child and kicking a cardboard cutout

    15. When Ilana couldn't remember where her TV remote was, and her solution was: get high.

    Ilana smoking to remember where her TV remote is located

    16. That time they went to Florida and had a That '70s Show weed circle with Ilana's mom and aunt played by Fran Drescher.

    Ilana smoking with her mom and her aunt who is played by Fran Drescher

    17. When Ilana needed to take a huge rip before diving into an ex's profile online.

    Ilana taking a hit from a bowl and looking at pictures of her ex online

    18. That time Abbi and Ilana pretended to be college RAs (resident assistant) to sneak into Ilana's old dorm and steal an AC unit from freshmen.

    Abbi smoking with freshman and everyone looking stunned

    19. When comedic legend Jane Curtain played a witch who offered Abbi a "puff from her wand."

    Elder woman offering Abbi a hit from her vape

    20. And finally, when Ilana got high and dressed straight out of The Matrix to sell her Bitcoin.

    Ilana smoking while walking around New York dressed in black leather a la "The Matrix"