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14 Reasons Hagrid Would Be The Best Valentine

Who wouldn't want this lovable 11 and a half food half giant as their valentine? Amirite?

1. He's always extra excited about the things that you do.

Warner Bros.

Keep in in Hagrid, hold it in.

2. He's got the cutest names for his animals.

Warner Bros.

And he knows what it takes to take care of them.

3. He owned a DRAGON.

Warner Bros.

Which means if you get married, you're well on your way to becoming Daenerys Targaryen (Granted this is a crossover, but a boy can dream).

4. He can say so much with just one word.

Warner Bros.

And everyone just gets it.

5. He'd probably confess his love on accident.

Warner Bros.

No it's okay Hagrid. Let's hug this out.

6. He'll help take care of your kids.

Warner Bros.

He practically raised The Boy Who Lived, so he's got some good experience there. (The Boy Who Lived was hard to keep alive, amirite?)


Warner Bros.


8. He'll handle anyone who even tries to mess with your Valentine's gifts

Warner Bros.

Bye Dudley.

9. He gives THE BEST hugs.

Warner Bros.

10. He'd give his life for yours in an instant.

Warner Bros.


11. He cares about all living creatures.

Warner Bros.

He'll throw a funeral for anyone, even a giant spider he raised from infancy.

12. He'll always be there to send you off.

Warner Bros.

Or welcome you home.

13. He'll cry during Titanic.

Warner Bros.

He doesn't care about gender norms. It's a beautiful movie and he can appreciate that.

14. Nothing's the same without Hagrid there.

Warner Bros.

Bring it in for a hug everyone.

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