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    19 Unlucky People Who Are Having A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    These people could really use your emotional support right now.

    1. The person who overestimated this trend.

    u/treyazard / Via

    2. The person who was drinking this coffee.

    u/beathelas / Via

    3. The person who ruined Thanksgiving.

    u/steamysalmonslab / Via

    4. And Clem, who ruined Christmas.

    /u KevlarYarmulke / Via

    5. The person who drives this car.

    u/jons_myth / Via

    6. The person who used to drive this car.

    u/AdmiralLobstero / Via

    7. The person who didn't get a pamphlet.

    8. The painter who trapped himself.

    u/zorbix / Via

    9. The person who tried to mount their flat screen television.

    u/Nortion / Via

    10. The professor who spilled his coffee.

    u/Facerless / Via

    11. The person whose bag got left behind on the tarmac.

    u/Rowley_Birkin_Qc / Via

    12. The person whose job it is to clean this revolving door.

    u/Pirate_Redbeard / Via

    13. The person who got stuck.

    If the person who drove their car onto a rock leaving #edc this morning wants their car they can come talk to NHP T…

    14. The person who almost got stuck.

    u/KevlarYarmulke / Via

    15. The person who's just trying to sell their washer dryer.

    u/Oriachim / Via

    16. The person who tried to cook dinner.

    u/NightTrainDan / Via

    17. The person who found a loose thread in their carpet.

    u/BTYM / Via

    18. The person who left their sunroof open.

    u/KevlarYarmulke / Via

    19. And Ted Cruz.

    u/dindthe / Via