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    • andrewjosepht

      How can people takeaterm that is about helping other people and some how make it self-centered? Their is no right or wrong feminism. Let me understand correctly you are slut-shaming and forcing anti-conformism thereby forcing people to conform to an arbitrary new set of standards…that is your idea of feminism? Feminism= Women equal to Men (UN says no country currently treats women equal to men.) If Men can make songs about being the top and all you other bow down, so canafemale (to say otherwise is actual sexism and most definitely not feminism). Beyonce is inspiring because her talent rivals and literally tops any male singer, she dares to identify asafeminist, she gives back, she inspires and influences,she speaks her mind (despite comments like these which is true feminism), and she balances beingaMother, Wife, and Businesswoman…and yet allows for the choice that no of those titles maybe for you! True feminism.

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