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3 Reasons Obama's #FreeCommunityCollege Plan Gives Hope To The *New* American Dream

I'm @andrewjpg: a first generation college graduate and communications coordinator for a non-profit in Memphis which helps more Memphians prepare for post-secondary credentials. In fact, I graduated from Northwest Mississippi Community College and am proud of it. Thanks to Obama's pre-SOTU announcement, the 'Free Community College' plan, in part modeled after TN Promise, gives new hope to millennials and adults wanting to enroll in college.

7 Hillary Clinton Imojis You Can't Live Without

There are no "Hard Choices" when it comes to using Hillary Clinton imojis. 'imojis'... don't you mean 'emojis'? You obviously haven't downloaded Imoji. This new app lets you use any image you want as a sticker emoji in your (iOS-only) iMessage app. The meme-like stickers let you get personal when trying to convey your emoji-filled text to friends and family. Show you're #ReadyForHillary by using these when texting your friends and family.

5 PRofessional Lessons We Can Learn From Justin Timberlake

Let's face it. We all have our favorite Justin Timberlake song we immediately go to in our mind's iTunes playlist which is probably on Yahoo's list of Top Ten Justin Timberlake Songs. But more than JT's music, his personality really shines. He's a mix of soul, suave, and lots of ladies would even say, sexy. This six-time Grammy and four-time Emmy award winner can teach us more than just how to bring sexy back and cry enough tears to fill a river. Here are the five PRofessional lessons we can learn from Justin Timberlake: