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    Was Chris Brown At The IPL Opening Ceremony: An In-Depth Investigation

    Was he even in India?

    For days now, the IPL opening ceremony has been the talk of the town because of the big names attached to the event. Most of the anticipation stemmed from singer Chris Brown's appearance, and his first ever performance in India.

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    The Indian media were, of course, excited.

    Twitter went into a frenzy.


    And things looked great. The day had arrived. There seemed to be nothing that could stop people from fulfilling their dreams of watching Chris Brown perform. Perhaps he would even dance to some Bollywood music.

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    This could have been us ^^

    But as the performances started, and the show went on. Chris Brown was seemingly no where to be seen. I thought to myself, "Have I missed it? Was he in the very start?"

    I mean, he was on the ticket, so he had to have been there, right?

    But here's the thing. This is Hotstar's homepage which has broken down segments of all the performances. WHERE IS CHRIS BROWN?

    I proceeded to re-watch the opening ceremony on Hotstar, thinking, "Perhaps, they've put his performance in one of the other ones by mistake or for suspense. IDK".


    I checked online, and there were *some* mentions of his performance.


    India West reported: "The last performance of the night was by American singer Chris Brown, who sang his heart out to make the evening a memorable one for the large number of fans and crowd gathered at the venue and for those seeing it from elsewhere."

    BUT there's absolutely no evidence that he was ever there.

    Several articles and videos mention his name, but there's NO photographic evidence of him.

    In fact, there's nothing out there to substantiate the fact that he was even in India. He hasn't tweeted, or Instagrammed anything. And neither has anyone else. You'd think there'd be at least one selfie.

    And I was at my wit's end.


    And I wasn't alone.

    The IPL opening ceremony is lotsa fun but where's Chris Brown?

    @IPL Chris brown is missing from the star performers

    @RanveerOfficial Chris Brown ke saath much scene ho gaya tha kya kal?

    I have asked Mr. Brown if he was in fact here. I have yet to receive a reply.

    @chrisbrown Hey, are you in India? Were you at the IPL?

    I asked others involved as well.

    @DJBravo47 Hi, was Chris Brown at the IPL Opening Ceremony? PLEASE CONFIRM

    @RanveerOfficial Hey Ranveer, was Chris Brown at the IPL Opening Ceremony? PLEASE CONFIRM.

    @asliyoyo Hi, was Chris Brown at the IPL Opening Ceremony? PLEASE CONFIRM

    I even went straight to the top.

    @narendramodi Hi, was Chris Brown at the IPL Opening Ceremony? PLEASE CONFIRM

    I have contacted Hotstar in the hopes that they might be able to shed some light on this mysterious incident, but they have not responded either.

    I will of course, continue digging, and won't stop until I find the truth.


    And I will uncover the masterminds who decided to fool us all into thinking Chris Brown would be coming to India to perform at the IPL, if only to ask them one question:


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