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Here's A Comic Book Created By Acid Attack Survivors That Depicts Them As Superheroes

Priya's Mirror aims to raise awareness about acid attacks and encourage and strengthen survivors.

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Two years ago, filmmaker Ram Devineni and illustrator Dan Goldman collaborated to create a comic book called Priya's Shakti, in which the main protagonist was a rape survivor.

Priya’s Shakti

Devineni got in touch with rape survivors from around India and recorded their stories which he used as plot lines in his comic book.

Devineni and Goldman are all set to release the next edition of their series, this time focusing on acid attack survivors. It's a comic book called Priya's Mirror.

Priya's Mirror

The comic book will be launched at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center on September 30, 2016, and then at the Mumbai Comic Con on October 22.

The book was created to spread awareness about acid attack survivors, to highlight that their positive recoveries, and to provide confidence to other women. It is the first comic book created by acid attack survivors, and to feature them in the artwork.

The book tells the story of Priya — a mortal woman and gang-rape survivor — who joins forces with a group of acid attack survivors to fight against the demon king, Ahankar, and his tyrannical hold on them.


In addition to documenting true stories of acid attacks, Priya's Mirror has partnered with the augmented reality app Blippar to have people who care about the cause spread awareness on social media.

Priya's Mirror

Readers can scan the cover and pages of the comic book with the app to unlock different kinds of content like 3D-animation, real-life stories, and other fully-immersive experiences. According to the writers of the comic book, the app will let readers delve a little deeper in to the realities of the stories.

London-based singer Ishani Chakravarty has written and a song called "Don’t Stop The Fight" as a tribute to Nirbhaya, to send a message out to society.

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"This song helps us understand what it feels like to walk in the shoes of a girl who has faced violence and abuse. This song is for the girls who live in fear and are afraid to speak up. This song is for the girls who are afraid to walk alone in the night and do normal things a girl should be able to do in a free and safe environment. This song talks about how society looks the other way. There is a hero in all of us," she says.

You can check out the trailer for the comic book here:

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