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Meet Priya The Rape Survivor, India’s Newest Comic Book Hero

She's here to break the stigma associated with rape, and to put an end to gender-based violence.

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She is a superhero who works not alone, but with the Hindu Goddess Parvati, in this mythological Hindu tales inspired comic book made by New York based filmmaker Ram Devineni, and drawn by graphic novel artist Dan Goldman.

Ram Devineni told BBC in an interview that the idea for Priya's Shakti came to him after country-wide protests were held in India over the gang-rape and murder of a student on a bus in Delhi, India, in December 2012.


"No good girl walks alone at night."

Ram Devineni further told BBC, "I was in Delhi at the time when the protests broke out and I was involved in some of them. I was talking to a police officer when he said something that I found very surprising. He said 'no good girl walks alone at night.'

"That's where the idea began. I realised that rape and sexual violence in India was a cultural issue, and that it was backed by patriarchy, misogyny and people's perceptions."

The 'panchayat' is a regional system of governance in rural India. Normally, every village has its own council or panchayat to serve as a small court. Their rulings on cases of rape are known to often be very harsh and unfair.


Street artists and Bollywood poster painters have created augmented reality 'pop-out' murals on the walls of the slum area of Dharavi, Mumbai.

Devineni says the target audience for this multimedia project are children as young as 10 years old, but also young adults.

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"It's a very critical age in their lives and it's an attempt to start a conversation with them," he told BBC in an interview.