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    Posted on 3 Feb 2015

    Karan Johar Had The Perfect Response To Everyone Who Found AIB's Roast Too Vulgar

    And that's how it's done.

    On Feb. 2, the police began their inquiry into the All India Bakchod roast of Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor and Raveer Singh, with director and producer Karan Johar acting as the roast master.

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    The roast was performed live in Mumbai on Dec. 20 2014 by All India Bakchod (Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, Gursimran Khamba). With a live audience of about 4,000 people, including Bollywood heavyweights Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, and Alia Bhatt, AIB successfully raised the bar for Indian insult comedy, with Ranveer and Arjun as their consenting victims.

    News of the probe has divided India's online community, with many tweeting solidarity for the comedy collective, and three separate AIB-related national Twitter trends in the top 10.

    But Karan Johar tweeted the single best response to everyone who found the event obscene, vulgar, or offensive:

    Take that, haters.

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