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32 Artists Across The Globe Created An Insane Snapchat Trailer For "Deadpool"


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"This project went into the works almost immediately after the trailer for Deadpool was released Christmas Day. A lot of work goes into organising these types of projects before the work even actually starts," Rudolph told BuzzFeed.


"First I had to sit down and analyse the entire trailer, scene for scene, picking them apart and trying to figure out ways to put them together with Snapchat. After each scene was broken apart, I gather a group of artists from Snapchat and assign each and every scene to one person or another," he added.

"On average each scene took the artist anywhere from 1-4 hours to draw," Rudolph said.


"Once it was drawn they'd send it to me which took 2-3 hours on average to pick it apart, layer, and animate it meaning one scene takes a total amount of anywhere from 4-13 hours to complete."

Jeffrey Lewis, a Mumbai-based Snapchat artist and Indian contributor to the project, told BuzzFeed that the artists keep in touch through Snapchat and Facebook, and are often up to collaborate with each other.

Watch the trailer here:

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