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After Meryl Streep's Speech, People Are Calling Out Bollywood Celebs For Not Speaking Up Enough

"Meryl Streep needs to teach Bollywood how to write a speech, grow a spine, and you know, generally accept awards."

At the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, Meryl Streep gave an impassioned speech criticising President Elect Donald Trump, while also encouraging other artists to stand up for social issues.

And people across the world lauded Streep's frank words.

After watching the speech, Indians began calling out Bollywood celebrities, citing their lack of outspokenness when national and social issues present themselves in the country.

Meryl Streep needs to teach Bollywood how to write a speech, grow a spine, and you know, generally accept awards.

Knee deep bow to Meryl Streep for the courage to openly slam Trump at #GoldenGlobe . . Only if Bollywood could muster courage & take a cue !

People especially pointed out that lots of Indian celebrities loved Streep's speech, but when it comes down to speaking out about injustices occurring in India, they fall silent.

LOLing hard at all the Bollywood people who will say WHOA RESPECT MERYL STREEP, but won't speak up against Raj Thackeray here.

Bollywood: What a stance by #MerylStreep, against power. Now let's resume giving awards to cliche tripe because power trumps good movies.

Will some Bollywood celebrity stalwarts kindly express their sincere protest on #Chattisgarh molestation/ rape-victims,please? #MerylStreep

Although there was considerable slamming of Bollywood, there were several people who stood up for them, reminding others of times when influencers did speak up, and what happened to them thereafter.

To those asking why no Bollywood actor can ever give a speech like Meryl Streep, remember what we did with Aamir Khan? #Okthanxbye

Indians: We need someone like Meryl Streep to keep it real Aamir Khan: I think there is a bit of.. Indians: CHUP ANTI NATIONAL GANDU SAALE

Actress Sonam Kapoor – who has been vocal in the past about a number of injustices – also reminded people that some celebs do speak up, and that it's unfair to generalise by saying all don't.

Director and producer Anurag Kashyap also tweeted.

We in our film industry don't even need to give a speech like Meryl Streep if we just start standing up with those who actually speak up.

There have been times when celebrities have spoken out about issues of intolerance and injustice, and well, they've always been met with more or less the same response.