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In Case You Forgot How Fucking Weird The Internet Is, Meet "Zaypika"

Well, now that you mention it...

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OK, let's face it. Zayn Malik and Deepika Padukone are probably two of the most beautiful people to ever walk this earth.

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And granted: Their significant others, Gigi Hadid and Ranveer Singh, also probably top the same list.

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BUT a lot of people online think the world would be far improved if Deepika and Zayn dated one another instead.

Seriously. Pro-level Photoshop skills have been devoted to this sole goal.

@swiftIyharry thank youuu😘 and lmao this is my last request - zayn malik and deepika padukone

NEXT LEVEL video-editing chops have been employed by this fantasy.

Tum Hi Ho ✖️ Zaypika (part 1)

Tum Hi Ho ✖️ Zaypika (part 2)

More effort has gone into this endeavour than anything most people have done in their whole lives.

THOUSANDS OF WORDS of fan fiction have been written about the two and their perfect romance.

Like a lot.

Despite not existing, Zaypika has already been compared to some of the most iconic couples of our time.

Zayn & Deepika as Aladdin & Jasmine❣ #zaynmalik #deepikapadukone #zeepika #zaypika #aladdin #bollywood #disney

Deepika and Zayn, Ranveer and Gigi, stay safe from the teens.

But who will save the teens from themselves?