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    • andreaw12

      I always chuckle whenIreflect back at my office (that consisted of predominatly guys) would gather around the coffee/water machine & complain about their wives not wanting to cook, do laundry, or attend to the kids when the L-word was on. She’d be in the bed with her legs crossed, popcorn in lap, leaning into the TV whispering….”shish”…whenever he entered the room. What that says is people (particularly women) are intrigued, and want to be more knowledgeable about the fact, that our lives are so closely matched to theirs. That not all lesbians (as they once believed) look like men. That we have families, kids, careers, parties, drama, etc. that are no different. The only difference is….our mates are “same gender”.Ilove The L-Word for broadly exposing these realities!Afew of my co-workers admitted….his wife watching L-word was loaded with benefits for him. And on that note….we’d depart:-)

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