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7 Tragically, Romantic Reads This Spring

Who doesn’t love a tragic, passionate and wild springtime love? We fell head over heels with these 7 captivating reads. We promise they will satisfy the thrill, romance and mystery you’ve been longing for.

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1. The Memory of Us by Camille Di Maio

Julianne Westcott lived a lavish lifestyle filled with old money, a perfect family and young men desperately waiting to court her. However, the illusion of her perfect family is completely destroyed when she learns of her blind-and-deaf brother, who has been institutionalized since birth. While visiting her brother in secret, she meets a man named Kyle, who is studying to become a priest. Torn between her family’s expectations, the only lifestyle she has ever known and the pathway to love, Julianne must make a choice.

2. The Obsession by Nora Roberts

Since the night Naomi Bowes freed the trapped girl in their root cellar, she has been haunted by the discovery of her father’s horrendous crimes. In her new found home, Naomi Bowes, now known as Naomi Carson, wants to embrace solitude. However, the friendly residents of Sunrise Cove insist she open up and she can feel her guard withering. Although she is beginning to develop the relationships she’s always longed for, she knows no matter how close she gets to happiness, she cant escape the gruesome memories of her father.

3. 'Till Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick

Calista Langley owns an agency that introduces respectable men and women in Victoria London, who feel alone in the world. However, a wildly obsessed client begins to send her haunting trinkets, such a black mirror, a funeral wreath and ring set with black jet stone. Desperate for help, Calista turns to famous crime novelist, Trent Hastings. As the two dig through the files of rejected customers in hopes of discovering Calista’s tormentor, she realizes that the stalker may be coming from her secret past.

4. Poisonous (A Novel) by Allison Brennan

Very few people cared when Internet bully, Ivy Lake fell off a cliff. However, Tommy, her mentally challenged eighteen-year-old stepbrother, was confused and distraught as their blended family began to fall apart. After a year of investigating, the case has gone cold, yet Tommy is determined to figure out what happened to his stepsister. He seeks the help of investigative reporter, Maxine Revere. As Maxine gets more involved in the case and Tommy’s dysfunctional family, she begins to question if this is the only case she will never be able to solve…

5. Roses and Rot by Kat Howard

How much would you sacrifice to get everything you ever dreamed of? Imogen and her sister Marin are desperate to escape their cruel mother. However, they quickly realize that living in a fairytale takes sacrifices. Imogen begins to follow her heart to escape her past and live the life she has always dreamed of. However, it may cause her to loose Marin, the one person who has always been there for her.

6. Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan

Alex Carmody and her best friend Cass are in horrific car accident on the night of Alex’s sixteenth birthday. Alex survives. Cass does not. Haunted by grief, Alex begins acting out and her mother is determined to send her to a boarding school that deals with cases similar to Alex’s. However, when the transport goes wrong, and Alex goes missing, her mother and father must confess their secrets to one another in hopes of finding their daughter.

7. The Shark (Forgotten Files) by Mary Burton

State Trooper, Riley Tatum’s past resurfaces while at the scene of a deceased teenage prostitute. As a teenage, Riley was kidnapped, drugged and left unconscious on the streets. Clay Bowen, Shield Security newest member and Riley’s previous love, is haunted by the unsolved case by the serial killer, nicknamed the Shark. Only one of his victims has ever escaped. As the Shark is searching for redemption, Clay begins to believe that Riley was the escaped victim and most likely the Shark’s next prey. Clay and Riley must attempt to stop the Shark before its too late.

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