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    7 Book Club Reads To Share With Your Girlfriends

    Here are 7 great reads that would be perfect for any book club, and we know your girlfriends would love too! These heartwarming reads will remind you to cherish the relationships around you.

    1. The Legacy of Us by Kristin Contino


    Three generations are pulled together after Liz Moretti's grandmother dies. Liz discovers a locket with an engraved wedding proposal that was left behind, but not from her grandfather. Liz is trying to figure out who she is through past relationships that tie the women together. Sometimes you have to listen to your head before you follow your heart.

    2. The Color of Water in July by Nora Carroll


    After 17 years of not seeing her grandmother or the family cottage in Michigan, the cottage on the lake is now left to Jess. She returns to find photographs, letters, and history that has been hidden from her. Jess takes a painful path to find the truth of a tragic death that leads to an altered future.

    3. The Admissions by Meg Mitchell Moore


    The Hawthore family has nothing to complain about. They have wonderful children, own a gorgeous home in northern California, and thriving jobs. Their firstborn daughter enters her senior year of high school and begins to slack. Her mother is realizing her career and children are not as steady as things may seem. The Admissions will show readers that the picture perfect family can unravel.

    4. We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh


    Overworked to make ends meet, Letty is having to step-up and be a more involved mother to her 15 and 16 year-olds after her parents return to Mexico. The children are missing their grandparents and are unwilling to give their mother a chance. Letty has an escape plan to get out of their unsafe neighborhood and rut they are in, but will she is jeopardize everything in the process?

    5. A Measure of Happiness by Lorrie Thomson


    Celeste is 22 years old and plans on taking over Katherine's bakery after working there for many years. Katherine changes her mind at the last second and Celeste decides to leave the bakery only to return two months later. Both women questioning their happiness, confide in the heart of a healing man that leads them to an emotional breakthrough.

    6. The Sisters Club by Lauren Baratz-Logsted


    Cindy, Lise, Diana, and Sylvia only have two things in common- where they live and they each have a sister. They are living four separate lives with their own struggles, deaths, opportunities, and relationships. After Diana places an ad in a newspaper, they all join the book club to discover a deeper connection between them.

    7. The Summertime Girls by Laura Hankin


    Two friends reunite after their secrets and dreams tore them apart. The struggles and changes in life separated them due to a different lifestyle and a secret that can ruin one's family. They are now strangers and crisis brings them back together. The girls have to confront each other to find a connection before all is lost.

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